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Whole food nutrition bars made with raw and organic superfood ingredients. Free of refined sugars, artificial colors, and flavors. Created to deliciously fill common nutritional gaps found in the Standard American Diet.

• Vegan
• Gluten-Free
• Paleo-Friendly
• GMO-Free
Manna's Mission
Our mission is to empower others in their pursuit of health and well-being. We are dedicated to simplifying clean eating through continuous client education and innovation of trustworthy products supporting sustainable lifestyle change.

As a brand, we are committed to bringing food and water to families and children in developing countries. A portion of each Manna Nutrition purchase will be used to fund short and long-term clean water, sanitation, and hygiene solutions. Our goal is to fund the purchase and delivery of 1,000 straw filters for school children in developing countries within our first 18 months of operation, providing 800,000 liters of clean water to children in areas of need.

Manna: (noun) the substance miraculously supplied as food to the Israelites in the wilderness. An unexpected or gratuitous benefit.

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A GIANT shoutout to @mannanutrition for sending me these amazing flavors of bars to try. They feel incredibly dense, sound so delcious, and are healthy, vegan, and packed with superfoods! I honestly can't wait to give these a try, especially the Cocoa Cashew Brownie because It's a mixture of all things I love: Chocolate, Cashews, and Brownies 😂 Thank you Manna for making whole foods so portable and yuumy.

- Cheyenne Coorough, The College Fitness Foodie

Even Buddha wanted a bite of nutrition. ❤️ @mannanutrition currently on @kickstarter these delicious and nutritious bars are made with nature in mind. No fillers and no BS! So if you are on your health kick and want something sweet and satisfying without the guilt this is a great choice.

- Krista Barrack, FromFat2That Podcast

These @mannanutrition bars are saving my life right now. So delicious and nutritious...

- Tauni Manasse, San Diego

Honestly the cacao cashew brownie on the top is the best nutrition bar I've ever had. Make sure to try these from @mannanutrition. Taste so good 👌

- @vegantake0ver, Vegan Take Over

These @mannanutrition bars are amazing! Especially the cacao 😊, thanks to Manna for these great vegan bars and a possible new addition to #stresslessbox

- Yaseen, Stress Less Box

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